Despite the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus (BNMC), members of the community continue to confront significant medical and wellness challenges. Charmaine's portraits of individuals from different initiatives and organizations are working together to address these challenges and improve the health of the city are on display at the Conventus Center's Connect Gallery.

Get an in-depth look at Wheatley's 

project to destigmatize mental health and HIV.

In an interview with the Graduate Education department of the University of Rochester Medical Center, Charmaine Wheatley describes her background and creation of this project.

Rebecca Rafferty of CITY Newspaper interviewed Charmaine Wheatley and has recently published an article going over her project. Check out the article here! Also watch this video of the project here! Download the pdf here!

Charmaine Wheatley's portraits are on display at the Miner Library in the University of Rochester Medical Center. Click here to read more about the project, and the hours of the library to visit.  


Charmaine Wheatley discusses her process of sitting with people affected by mental health or HIV. What’s unique about these portraits is that they includes fragments of conversations between Charmaine and her sitters, as they’re sitting together for an hour as Charmaine creates the portrait. 

Charmaine Wheatley describes her artist-in-residency program at the Isabelle Stewart Gardener Museum in Boston, Massachusetts.

Listen to Charmaine Wheatley as she describes her artistic project aimed to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and illness at WXXI. Listen to the full interview here!

Stephen Dewhurst is Vice Dean for Research at the School of Medicine and Dentistry (SMD), and Associate Vice President for Health Sciences Research at the University of Rochester (UR). In a Democrat and Chronicle article, he illustrates the purposes and goals of the artist, Charmaine Wheatley, and her project, as well as its societal implications on distigmatizing illnesses. 

Charmaine Wheatley's work was exhibited at the University of Rochester Miner Library.